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Saturday, March 06, 2021


What can you tell me about the 6 week program?

It is not a one-size-fits-all philosophy that you often here from"guru's" of the game. The theories and ideas put forth in the class have been tested by biomechanics and mechanical engineers at Ohio State University. In golf it is in HOW you practice as much as WHAT you practice. The process involves helping you learn to make the proper moves and then commit them to memory so you can repeat them over and over without even thinking about them. You work with your pro for 6 weeks and then you can come back for free tune ups. The tour pros have this kind of long term relationship with their teaches and this program gives you those same kind of benefits.


Do you cover the short game during the program?

The 6 week program is designed to give you a repeatable swing that you can count on for the rest of your golfing life. Statistics show that improving your distance and accuracy is the quickest way to lower your scores on the golf course. We cover the short game in a separate 2 hour course which is best taken after completing the 6 week session.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the 6 week program is $165.00 which covers everything including balls. If you sign up for the optional 2 hour short game class the additional cost is $30, a $20 savings. NOTE: Additional members from the same household cost $155.00 each or $185 with the Short Game class.


How often do classes meet?

The classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Each class lasts about an hour. After the 6 weeks, the following week there is an optional 2 hour Short Game class devoted to chipping, putting, pitching and sand shots. Free follow-up sessions are available according to your needs.

If I can't make a certain class one week can I attend one of the other classes?

Certainly. The classes allow flexibility in your schedule.

Is it okay for beginners to attend the class?

Actually, the program was originally designed for the golfer who had been playing for a while but wanted to play much better. A few years ago we started letting beginners into the school and it has proven to be an excellent program for them. In short, the program is the best way for anyone to become a much better golfer quickly.

Wouldn't private lessons be more effective?

Our instructors, all of whom have given private lessons for many years, say they notice even more student improvement in the school than in private sessions.

How do I sign up?

Please go to the class schedule section of this website to pick a class and reserve your spot. Or you can call the instructor.

How do I pay?

Bring your payment to the first session or pay via paypal on the events registration upon checkout

What else do I bring to the first class?

Bring a wood or a long iron and the desire to play much better golf.

What if I am out of town for the whole week and can't make any of the scheduled sessions?

Tell the instructors the week before you are going, so they can tell you what to be working on.