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Saturday, March 06, 2021

About Us

kathy vernWant to learn to play simple, solid, and accurate golf effortlessly like the Pros?
Great athletes in sports have one thing in common - focus. That is, they all focus on a target during a play or motion. Basketball Players focus on the backboard or rim. Baseball Pitchers focus on the catcher's mitt. Tennis players focus on the other side of the net. Great golfers are no different. They have a heightened sense of awareness for the target. The motion itself becomes a reaction through the subconscious. At On Target Golf Schools, it is our goal to get our students to experience this level of unconscious performance. Whether you are a rank beginner or seasoned veteran player, On Target Golf Schools is without a doubt the best and most effective way to develop a accurate and powerful golf swing. We teach you how to achieve success with your golf swing by adhering to proven successful methods shared with all top athletes in any sport.
Our core Six Week School is the basis of solid fundamental golf. Developed by three top teaching professionals in the U.S. with over 50 years of combined national golf school teaching experience, the On Target Model System is a refinement of the best training and teaching methods available today...
class zhuhai aerialOur system is very simple, too. You'll never get more than one thing to work on at a time. The key to training any new motor skill is best accomplished by repeating it over and over again until it can be done without thought. Nothing is more confusing, clouding this process by trying to master multiple skills simultaneously. It's just too much to handle. Traditional vacation golf schools fail in this area typically cramming all aspects of the golf swing into a 2, 3, or 4 day format. You wouldn't expect to master playing a sophisticated piano piece in a day or two. Why should you believe a 3 day golf school will get you a better golf swing? On Target Golf Schools keeps the learning process light and easy focusing you on one job at a time. Only until one fundamental becomes natural do we move you on to the next. On Target Golf Schools simply gets your game on target... You will without a doubt improve your game. Sign up today, you'll be glad you did...